Jo was born in London, England. She was a full-time student at the Corona Theatre Academy and began her professional career at the age of eleven. She had lead or featured roles in several British television plays. She also worked in several forgettable British movies. She became a professional dancer and then a full-time mother to two daughters. She has lived in the UK, France, Switzerland, Bermuda and Canada. She is now a Citizen of the United States. Her voice has featured in animated productions for Nickelodeon, Disney and Dreamworks. She has performed more than sixty audio books, including the acclaimed Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre and Dreaming the Eagle. She has received ten "Earphones" awards, two "Audie" nominations and an "Audie" for the Sherlock Holmes Theatre audio drama, directed by Yuri Rasovsky. In 2002 Publishers' Weekly named her "Best Female Narrator". Jo lives in South Carolina with her husband, who is a clinical psychologist. They share their home, their food and their furniture with three cats and one dog.

Josephine Bailey
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