HOTEY is an adventure story set in the American Southwest at the turn of the 19th century, with a respectful nod to the characters in Cervantes' classic, Don Quixote. A young donkey's restless curiosity leads him on an unexpected journey during which he must face danger, terror and hardship. On his quest to find his way home he learns about loyalty, friendship and courage. Most of all, he discovers himself. Everyone, from nine to one hundred and nine will fall in love with Hotey and the unforgettable little Sancho.

David Mickey Evans (writer/director The Sandlot, Radio Flyer) says of HOTEY:

"Hotey is a little donkey. Hotey is also an epic adventure and a life-journey. Josephine Bailey has written a classic, which keeps company with the lessons of Charlotte's Web and the adventure and scope of Scott O'Dell's work. At times funny, charming, sad and wonder-filled and yes, at times scary, Hotey is a book to give to your young adult readers and one certainly to read to your little children. You will be very happy you did."

Mark Myers (Executive Director, Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue organization) writes of HOTEY:

"As a rescuer of these often maligned animals, I have strived to give donkeys a voice so that they may share their plight and plead their own case. Josephine Bailey has not only accomplished this feat but has given us a hero in the process. Hotey is a story written for many, but a message written for us all."

By ItalianDogMom from Amazon.com

I purchased Hotey when I visited Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue's website to learn more about the organization. I read that a portion of the proceeds went to the Rescue and that PVDR's director loved the book, so I figured it was a "good buy". It wasn't just a good buy; it was one of the best YAF novels I have ever read...and I have been an English teacher for 23 years and have read tons of books! The characters of Hotey, Charlie, Rocket, Sancho and the three rescued mine donkeys are so beautifully described that you feel as if you know them and care deeply about what happens to them. Hotey's journey back home to be with his mom and herd is a riveting tale that penetrates your soul and stays with you long after it is over. My only criticism...I wish it had been longer! The illustrations are equally beautiful. This is a must read for animal lovers or all ages!

By Upstatereader from Amazon.com

Hotey enchants from the first page! The title character, Hotey, is a young donkey who dreams of great adventure -- and finds more than he might wish. The humans and other animals he meets along his journey are beautifully but judiciously drawn, and first-time author Josephine Bailey is to be congratulated for maintaining the natural dignity of her animal characters while using them to tell a beautiful tale of bravery, compassion and love. I read a lot of fiction, and I found Hotey to be a captivating story, well worth the investment of one's precious time.

From Barnes and Noble

A beautiful story of growing up - A "must read" for animal lovers!
Hotey is a beautifully written adventure story of a young hero named Hotey and the band of friends who he encounters along the way. It is a "re-telling" of sorts of the classic tale of Don Quixote with our young hero in this case being a donkey named Hotey. He learns about both the good and bad of life and'meets both the best and worst of society. As a young donkey he ventures too far away from his mother and their herd and is captured by cowboys. He becomes a part of the "animal crew" to the cowboy's cook, Miguel, and his partners, Charlie, Miguel's mule, and Sancho, Miguel's parrot. Together these four friends travel throughout the Southwest and Hotey learns what friendship and family and bravery is all about. I highly recommend this novel as not only is it a wonderful story, but it also gives a voice to the plight of the American Donkey, noble animals that our society abuses terribly. Also, a portion of the proceeds from the sales of Hotey go to Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue.

From Publisher's Weekly

Bailey creates a number of heart-tugging scenes, as well as some thoughtful ruminations on friendship. Franzen contributes handsome b&w spot art images of Hotey’s adventures. Ages 6-12.

By H. Williams from Amazon.com

This story is delightful and entertaining in the most unexpected ways. Perfect animal lovers, especially. Beautifully written with incredibly engaging dialogue. It tugs at the heartstrings for sure.

By kimlamont from Amazon.com

This is one of the most delightful books I have read in a long time. I read it from cover to cover without stopping. The author, Josephine Bailey, depicts the life of a donkey called Hotey as he goes from wild animal, to human workmate and companion, and back to his herd again. On the way, he makes some lifelong friends and learns some of life's harder lessons along the way. Ms Bailey could easily have fallen into the trap of being overly sentimental in her portrayal of the animal characters in her book but she very cleverly avoids doing that while at the same time making her characters totally believable. You empathize completely as Hotey suffers loss and difficult decisions and I defy anyone not to fall in love with his little friend Sancho. It's not schmaltzy - it's real. This is what life is like! Although this book is aimed at children or teenagers I found it equally enthralling as an adult. The film companies should snap this one up - it would make an excellent animation! I am looking forward to reading Josephine Bailey's next book with anticipation.

By MrsE from Amazon.com

This book is so well written that I couldn't bear to put it down. The animal characters are descibed so well that they reminded me of real people whilst keeping their donkey/bird/horse etc identities, and I really cared about what happened to them. Josephine Bailey has very cleverly combined the plight of animals with a coming of age story that we can all learn from or identify with. This story is very well told, it has the perfect mixture of funny and heart wrenching moments that all great books have. I'm sure this would be a hit film too, thinking of other animal movies, especially War Horse, my children & I would love to see these beautifully written characters come to life on the big screen too.

By Anne W. Hudson "FunPups"

Josephine Bailey is such a gifted author. On the first page I was reeled in and as I got closer to the end, I found myself not wanting to finish .... i so wanted this little burro and his story to be with me forever! I felt immediately bonded with little donkey Hotey and the other characters... This book should be a classic and one day I believe it will. We need to encourage others to read it and our children also....so many lessons to learn here!

Jennie Herring Arrington

Hotey found his way into my heart immediately, and in that same instant, the book became a classic! Just thinking about the story makes me smile like I've rediscovered childhood innocence! Thank you, Jo Bailey!

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