Just the mention of the word "donkey" makes people chuckle. Why this brave, intelligent, affectionate animal has become associated with stubborn stupidity is a mystery. There are many documented, true stories of the courage displayed by donkeys. There are also too many tragic, abused, real-life victims like "Tom". The donkey has been cruelly used throughout history. Even now, even in the United States, many people think a donkey is worth no more than a few dollars and the cases of cruelty are horrifying. There are still wild burros in America but their fate is as precarious as that of the wild mustangs. Mark Myers' organization, Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue, is at the forefront of rescuing and saving these beautiful animals. His touching book, Talking with Donkeys, can be found at www.donkeyrescue.com. A portion of the proceeds from HOTEY will be donated to PVDR.